Paladin Security

Paladin Security was created to fill a need for professional security and investigation services in the region.  The staff has been assembled with the best of the best in various aspects of security such as protection, investigations and surveillance.  The Paladin team is comprised of trained and experienced professionals to provide top tier security in the region.

Highly Trained and Certified

Our team consists of top graduates from some of the toughest, most demanding, specialized schools in the nation.  This training has prepared us to act swiftly and decisively in many different situations.  We tailor a team with a unique and critical skill set to fulfill your specific needs and provide you with a custom solution. 

Reliable and Consistent

Our clients count on us for their security solutions and investigative needs. We consistently provide professional, top-tier security and investigation services to all our clients throughout the region.  Our team possesses a skill set that provides you the peace of mind and confidence to continue your profession and/or lifestyle knowing “we’ve got your back.”

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Services Paladin Provides


We use photography, videography, and observation to document people, places and activities in direct support of an investigation or security solution.


Threat Assessment

Paladin will provide an in-depth, multi-faceted threat profile of any individual, business, and house of worship, medical office, or organization—to include strengths, weaknesses, identify vulnerabilities, make recommendations and offer solutions.

Social Media Investigations

Paladin will provide an in-depth review of activity on multiple multimedia platforms to investigate various threats such as cyber bulling, cyber extortion, and any other exploitation of businesses, individuals or organizations.

Protective Services

Paladin will provide peace of mind by introducing a security solution that allows either low profile or high profile packages consisting of (1) one man up to (12) man teams. These teams are capable of operating in all environments, from low risk to high risk threat levels.


Security Training

Paladin will provide professional instruction to individuals or groups regarding security concepts and practices that can be used in corporate, private or house of worship environments.

Travel Security

Paladin will provide secure transport to and from the airport or seaport, covert or low profile protective over-watch, give an advance look at all destinations or known venues within the trip, offer threat profiles or briefings on the trip location, and stand by with a quick response team in any emergency.

WV security team

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Security is our primary focus.  Whatever your security concern may be, we are here to find a solution to put your mind at ease.  We are based out of West Virginia but travel to various cities on the East Coast providing services.