“Paladin will provide professional investigators who draw upon education and experience in complex criminal investigations, in order to achieve successful solutions.”

Areas of Investigation

We specialize in investigations. Chances are if you need something investigated, we can do. Below is a list of examples of our work. If you have any questions or want to talk about our services, please contact us.

drone surveillance
Investigation light
  1. Background Investigations—Employee suitability for pre-hire offers / pre-marital suitability or background into significant other.
  2. Missing Persons
  3. Cheating Spouse or Significant Other
  4. Deadbeat Dad or Mom
  5. Sexual Harassment
  6. Employee Theft or Misconduct
  7. Stalking—And if required, we provide “counter-stalking or “intervention”
  8. Social Media—This service is a critical part of any investigation. It is also used to counter cyber bullying or cyber extortion.
  9. Surveillance / Counter Surveillance
  10. Workers Compensation Fraud
  11. Welfare Fraud
  12. Interviews
  13. Subpoena Service / Civil Process
  14. Rental Fraud
  15. Insurance Fraud