Services we provide

Investigation light

Threat Assessment

Paladin will provide an in-depth, multi-faceted threat profile of any
individual, business, and house of worship, medical office, or
organization—to include strengths, weaknesses, identify vulnerabilities,
make recommendations and offer solutions. These profiles are presented
via CD/DVD, printed binders and verbal presentations

Protective Security Detail

Paladin will provide peace of mind by introducing a security solution that allows either low profile or high profile packages consisting of (1) one man up to (12) man teams. These teams are capable of operating in all environments—on land (urban or rural), on water (boats or ships), in the air (commercial or corporate aircraft)—from low risk to high risk threat levels—while on foot, in a vehicle, or even on horseback, ATV or jet ski! These teams provide around the clock coverage, and if requested, packages include drone, canine and/or medical support.

Vacation Security

Paladin provides security checks with multiple times daily—at all hours—to your residence, office or business while you’re gone out of town

High Value Asset Security

Paladin will provide security escort/over-watch on such operations as jewelry merchandise transport to and from stores, assist bank staff in ATM cash transfers, assist museums in transport/transfer of high importance historical art or other objects, etc.

High Risk Divorce/Domestic Violence Security

Paladin will provide security escorts/over-watch to and from court hearings, child custody transfers; property transfers and in extreme cases—provide safe house security and monitoring.

High Risk Employee Termination

If a small or large business or firm believes an employee is a potential risk for workplace violence or insider sabotage—Paladin will provide a high profile deterrent, security escort and post termination workplace security.

Protective Security Detail

In this modern world, the threat of violence, crime and extremism are very real to corporate executives, public officials, dignitaries, celebrities and other VIPS or at risk persons.

Estate Security

Paladin provides static security posts, roving foot and vehicle patrols, security camera viewing, visitor screening and incident response.

Travel Security

Paladin will provide secure transport to and from the airport or seaport, covert or low profile protective over-watch, give an advance look at all destinations or known venues within the trip, offer threat profiles or briefings on the trip location, and stand by with a quick response team in any emergency.

Realtor Security

Paladin will provide a security escort or over-watch detail to any property in remote, rural areas, known high crime areas or any location where a potential threat exists to individual realtors.

House of Worship (Church, Temple, Mosque) Security

Paladin will provide security details and security team training, with threat assessments and emergency incident plan developments.

Movie/Film/Television Set Security

Whether a production company is putting together a TV commercial within a one-day filming schedule, over several days for a  reality show, a scripted project or a month on location for a major film venture—Paladin will provide a safe/secure environment for cast, crew and staff with low profile visibility.